Permits and authorisations for construction activities

Operating without construction permits/authorisations will entail gross penalties or even worse, forfeiture of all proceeds. REVERA’s team of lawyers assist clients in formalising their construction activities in Belarus in full conformity with law. We support mandatory implementation of required systems and secure obtainment of construction permits/authorisations required for customers.

We provide legal assistance to:

  1.  Professional participants of construction activities: contractors, project bureaus, engineering organisations:
    • with respect to obtainment of required construction permits/authorisations and implementation of mandatory systems;
    • with respect to checking their compliance with requirements imposed to holders of construction permits/authorisations.
  2. Project owners/customers:
    • with respect to checking whether their counterparties possess all required construction permits/authorisations (mandatory as documentаtion to be submitted for the purpose of commissioning).

Complications that you might face if trying to obtain construction permits/authorisations independently:

  1. In practice, there may be some nuances not stipulated by regulations. These difficulties may be bridged over only by experienced agents that have frequently obtained construction permits/authorisations from various competent authorities.
  2. Some construction permits/authorisations may be obtained only in a step-by-step procedure. REVERA’s experience and our profound operation algorithm allow us to launch all processes concurrently, thus reducing delay times.
  3. Obtaining construction permits/authorisations also implies much paperwork – which clients may assign to REVERA.
  4. Often, requirements of competent authorities are broader than regulations imply – which entails extra charges for clients. REVERA’s experience allows optimising costs by way of reducing requirements of competent authorities to a certain minimum.

REVERA provides comprehensive support for the purpose of obtaining any construction permits/authorisations.

1. Preparatory stage.

2. Certification of client’s personnel.

3. Augmenting client’s physical infrastructure.

4. Creating a labour safety management system

5. Creating a production supervision system.

6. Certification of conformity of works.

7. Implementing a quality management system.

8. Obtaining certificates of compliance.



REVERA prepared a construction ‘turnkey’ contract (on the basis of FIDIC’s Silver Book), supported Client’s negotiations with the financial institutionto provide a credit facility, and consulted the Client during procurement procedures. Also, REVERA procured all construction licenses required for general contractor’s operations in Belarus.


Advising on licensing business activities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus