Expanding your business abroad

REVERA advises clients on expanding their business to regional and international markets.

Undoubtedly, the assessment of this or that direction depends on the type of business, scaling objectives, work scheme, place of registration of the parent company, tax burden and other pros and cons of the jurisdiction.

Our experts can help you:

  • Understand taxation and advantages of different jurisdictions for your business.
  • Arrange all the processes of starting a business in the chosen country on a turnkey basis.

REVERA lawyers assist with the process of business expansion in jurisdictions where we already have offices: Georgia, Poland and Cyprus.

They also provide support in the following jurisdictions, where we have strong partnership relationships:

  • Expanding business to Kazakhstan
  • Expanding business to the UAE
  • Expanding business to Lithuania
  • Expanding business to Uzbekistan

Our services

Expanding business to Kazakhstan

Expanding business in the UAE