Commercial business and consumer goods

REVERA lawyers assist clients on all legal issues in the sphere of trade and consumer goods: preparation of documentation on cooperation with distributors and consumers, tax consulting, legal support of advertising campaigns and promotions, execution of contractual relations, consulting on currency and customs issues of a company.

  1. Legal implementation of delivery business models 

    We help elaborate optimal schemes pertaining to process structures, always in compliance with legislative requirements.

    We provide the following services related to delivery processes:
    • We consult on proper legal processes for arranging internal delivery service, formalising personnel files and transportation;
    • We optimise and elaborate agreements with partners;
    • We line up and optimise formalisation of primary accounting documents and other components of document flow;
    • We consult on legislative requirements/restrictions (acceptance of payments in favour of third parties and how to avoid those, nuances of foreign trade and exchange regulations in regard to international deliveries, tax risks/implications (including the risk of being treated as a permanent establishment), quality of goods, requirement for a warehouse in the course of delivery, requirements in regard to acceptance of payment from customers, etc.).
  2. Preparation and review of various contracts: sales and purchase agreements, foreign trade contracts, agent agreements, distribution, etc.
  3. Advice on advertising legislation.
  4. Business structuring.
  5. Consulting on promotion activities: discounts, gift certificates, loyalty programs, advertising campaigns and promotions.
  6. Advice, representation and protection of rights in cases of unfair competition from the side of other market participants.
  7. Preparation and review of lease agreements (including preliminary ones) for business premises, representation of interests in the negotiation process.
  8. Advice on construction of retail and warehouse facilities, full contractual support of relevant projects.

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Defending the interests of a client at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre

REVERA defended the interests of a Belarusian company at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) in a litigation with the major Malaysian supplier. To save the client's time and budget the dispute was resolved under the accelerated procedure with one arbitrator instead of three. Despite the absence of an applicable law clause in the contract between the parties, it was proved that the dispute should be considered under the law of the Republic of Belarus and the Vienna Convention.

Winning a case in the IAC at the BelCCI for USD 4.5 million

We successfully assisted in a dispute on the side of a Belarusian company for recovery of an advance payment from a Russian counterparty under an agricultural products supply contract in the equivalent of USD 4.5 million. REVERA team justified the competence of the IAC at the BelCCI to handle the dispute and applied the rules of interpretation of contractual clauses under Belarusian law.

JYSK's expantion in Belarus

Legal support of a Danish transnational corporation in a project to enter the Belarusian market with the aim of opening 30 stores under the JYSK brand.

Monitoring an inspection carried out by Financial Investigations Department

Legal support during an unscheduled inspection of the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus with respect to a major Belarusian grocery retail operator.


Advising on consumer protection, claims activities, consulting on peculiarities of retail trading in motorcars and spare parts, on anti-monopoly laws.


Consulting services to the client on procedures of business activities in Belarus.