International arbitration

Arbitration is a traditional technique of dispute resolution in the commercial sphere. It is inherently different from the dispute resolution procedure applied by state courts, that is why it requires specialist qualifications and expertise from lawyers.

REVERA has a wealth of 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and litigating in international commercial arbitration. Our lawyers’ portfolios include, support for national investment disputes and advising on international investment arbitration proceedings.

REVERA has specialists with specific university degrees in international commercial arbitration. Our lawyers have a professional knowledge of the English language enabling them to advise clients and prepare documents in English.

  1. Representation of clients in Belarusian and/or foreign arbitration/mediation courts
  2. Supporting disputes in foreign arbitration/mediation courts specialising in commercial and investment disputes as local counsels, including preparation of documents; collection of documents and selection of foreign partners; selection of candidate arbitrators; preparation of legal opinions
  3. Acknowledgment and enforcement of foreign arbitral decisions
  4. Monitoring domestic investment disputes
  5. Pre-trial analysis of risks, prospects and costs of arbitration proceedings, suggesting alternative options of dispute settlement
  6. Conducting negotiations on dispute settlement, participating in mediation procedures
  7. Preparing opinions on the prospects of pre-trial dispute settlement procedures
  8. Elaborating standards, policies, guidelines on choosing a dispute settlement body


Defending the interests of a client at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre

REVERA defended the interests of a Belarusian company at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) in a litigation with the major Malaysian supplier. To save the client's time and budget the dispute was resolved under the accelerated procedure with one arbitrator instead of three. Despite the absence of an applicable law clause in the contract between the parties, it was proved that the dispute should be considered under the law of the Republic of Belarus and the Vienna Convention.

Winning a case in the IAC at the BelCCI for USD 4.5 million

We successfully assisted in a dispute on the side of a Belarusian company for recovery of an advance payment from a Russian counterparty under an agricultural products supply contract in the equivalent of USD 4.5 million. REVERA team justified the competence of the IAC at the BelCCI to handle the dispute and applied the rules of interpretation of contractual clauses under Belarusian law.

Protecting client's interests in ICAC

Advocacy for client in the ICAC at the Russian CCI against lawsuit from a Russian company seeking to collect monetary assets under the Guarantee governed by English law.

Investment arbitration dispute (treaty of the EAEU)

Consulting and representing as a local counsel in an investment arbitration dispute under ICSID Additional facility rules and connected disputes.

Arbitration proceeding in the Chinese International Economic and Commercial Arbitration Committee

Legal support of a dispute of a Belarusian company with a Russian counterparty under an international sales contract in an arbitration proceeding under the Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Committee (CIETAC).

Defending Bauer Technics a.s. in IAC under the BelCCI

Representing Bauer Technics a.s. in the International Arbitration Court under the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a dispute with Borysov Meat Factory involving collection of VAT sums in excess of contract sum. The complexity and uniqueness of this case was in that there was no similar judicial practice in Belarus prior to it.