Monitoring a share transaction for Anteri

Legal support in obtaining anti-monopoly regulator’s permit for a purchase-and-sale of company’s share for a supplier of pastry and snacks of CIS’s and Europe’s largest manufacturers.

Silvano Fashion Group – Onega

Supporting an M&A transaction involving acquisition of Onega LLC, a major Belarusian food manufacturer, by Silvano Fashion Group.


Consulting a leader of Belarusian beer market on corporate restructuring and related risks.

A major FMCG retail company

Due Diligence for the purposes of evaluation and performance of a transaction involving admittance of a Lithuanian investor.

A leader in the Belarusian market of ice-cream and cook-chill food

Corporate Due Diligence for a company for the purpose of evaluating feasibility of business restructuring, and further formalisation of partnership relations between owners.

Consulting a major Belarusian IT company

Consulting a major Belarusian IT company and supporting in disputes with a German participant in respect of a joint venture registered in the Republic of Malta.


Representation within a corporate conflict between shareholders and top management, restructuring management bodies, modification of remuneration system, supporting transactions involving change of company’s list of shareholders.

Game Insight - Alis Games

Supporting acquisition of Alis Games’ Minsk designing studio by Game Insight group, supporting studio’s admission to Hi-Tech Park.

A major Belarusian investor

Consulting client due to attraction of funding (40,000,000 euros) from Belarusian banks to implement a project to construct a multifunctional business centre in Minsk.

NEVADA, a chain of slot parlours

Consulting support for a chain of slot parlours, in particular in corporate matters, currency regulations and control.

Ascom Partners

Legal support for company’s business activities: consulting on contract performance, evaluation of prices on construction project, transfer pricing, etc.

A chain of fashion boutiques "Sezony", "Top", "Tandem"

Advising on employment law, taxation matters, administrative procedures and retail trade policies.