Residence permit of Greece based on real estate investments

The REVERA team assisted the client in obtaining a residence permit of Greece on the basis of investing in real estate on a turnkey basis. The procedure took less than 3 months.

The client chose and purchased property in Greece on his own, and REVERA experts were entrusted with the process of obtaining a residence permit in that country.

After assembling and preparing a comprehensive set of documents, the lawyers had to organize the client's personal presence in Greece. Since the client did not have a valid Schengen visa, his stay in Greece was organized on the basis of the Certificate of submission of electronic application for initial grant of residence permit, which was received in advance from the migration authorities, translated into English and certified by a certified translator.

Other stages of the procedure were performed remotely on the basis of a power of attorney. 

Project timeline:
21 November 2023 - submission of documents on behalf of the client. 
11 December 2023 - the client personally submitted biometric data in Greece. 
5 February 2024 - the plastic residence permit card was ready, valid until 20 November 2028, with the possibility of renewal.

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