About registration of trademarks in Georgia

A trademark (hereinafter - "TM") is a designation used for individualization of goods, performance of work or rendering of services. 

Registration of a TM grants a person an exclusive right to use it. 

The regulation established in Georgia should be considered progressive due the fact it allows registering TM by an accelerated procedure and obtain national protection of TM at the level of Georgia within 10 working days, afterwards registration of TM at the international level becomes possible.

Trademark registration procedure

Submission of the application to the State Intellectual Property Protection Authority of Georgia. 

The application can be filed electronically via the Internet website, as well as in paper form to the State Intellectual Property Office of Georgia. 

The standard procedure of registration contains the following steps and usually takes 1 year.

  1. Formal examination.
    Conducts within 2 months after filing the application.
  2. Substantive examination.
    Conducts within 6 months after the formal examination is completed. The grounds for refusal of registration is examined.
  3. Initial publication.
    The application materials are published in the Newsletter within one month after the substantive examination completed.
  4. Trademark registration.
    Within 3 months after the initial publication the mark is registered and a certificate is issued. 

The state TM registration fee for one class equals to 420 USD, additional 50 USD for each separate class.

Accelerated registration procedure takes 10 working days and consists of the same steps. The state public fee equals to 840 USD in case of TM registration for one class, and additional 300 USD for each additional class.

TM is registered for a period of 10 years, which can be renewed for each subsequent 10 years without limitation.

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