Revera Consulting Group clients received representation in 100 countries of the world

Revera Consulting Group has joined the international law firms’ society TerraLex, which comprises more than one hundred and fifty leading law firms from about 100 countries worldwide with 17 thousand lawyers.  These are local companies, leaders of domestic legal market with solid reputation, high standards and well-known clients. 

Membership in international law firms’ society TerraLex presupposes strategic decision.  It means that Revera Consulting Group team continues rendering services under its own brand and safes the right to work independently. However together with this fact Revera Consulting Group receives the access to the legal experts from other jurisdictions.  It provides our company with universal approach to the quality control of the rendering services. 

Moreover, the expansion in the number of outgoing requests, cross-border transactions, mutual marketing initiatives, formation of the common precedents’ base, experience exchange due to the internship in the partners’ companies, fruitful collaboration during representatives’ meetings can be considered as other advantages of such consolidation. 

This is another step of Revera Consulting Group towards new connections establishment and future partners and clients’ network extension.