Belarus legal consulting market through the eyes of REVERA law group

On July 28, 2023, the international REVERA law group, one of the market leaders in legal consulting in Belarus, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Dmitry Arkhipenko and Helen Mourashko, partners of the REVERA law group, along with Aliaksandr Antonau and Artem Handriko, Co-Heads of the REVERA Belarus office, spoke about trends in the Belarusian legal consulting market, shared news, and extended their congratulations to their colleagues.

Consulting Market Today

The development of consulting services in the Belarusian market began in the late 90s and early 2000s, in line with the deepening of market relations, the growth of the real sector of the economy, and the advancement of technological and knowledge-intensive industries. Although the consulting sector in Belarus does not exhibit rapid growth, it maintains a stable volume. According to REVERA's estimates, the capacity of the Belarusian legal consulting market currently stands at about 10 million USD.

In recent times, there has been a shift in clients' needs, consequently leading to a change in the structure of service requests. As indicated by the portfolio of REVERA law group projects, the services most in demand amongst the group of companies include processing of documents related to personal data protection, addressing taxation issues, labour and foreign economic activities, complex matters surrounding the structuring of company groups, attracting financing, and consultations on international company registration. Demand for corporate governance services has also increased. In Belarus, the services currently most in demand are M&A transactions, personal data, and arbitration proceedings.

The IT business continues to be a crucial segment for many Belarusian legal consulting firms, representing the sector that generates the most revenue. Meanwhile, the sectors leading in terms of the number of requests to legal consultants are IT, manufacturing, and trade.

The pandemic period has spurred an increase in inquiries in the fields of e-commerce, delivery, and online advertising.

REVERA acknowledges that legal consulting services are not always accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, so the company generously shares its expertise. It regularly publishes expert material on a variety of legal issues pertinent to diverse business spheres, conducts legislative reviews, and examines court practices on numerous issues. Today, the company operates over 20 public expert communication channels on the internet, messengers, and social networks, runs client clubs, and holds online and offline events. It also participates as a speaker at international business conferences.


Today, REVERA law group is an international legal consortium with offices in Belarus, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and legal panels in Curacao and the UAE. It consists of over 80 specialists whose areas of expertise span 15 specialisations and maintains an expansive network of partners worldwide.

"It has been a long and fascinating journey. And we are grateful to all and everyone who followed us on this path, each one who contributed to the strengthening of REVERA at different stages. Including partners Victor Sazonov, Alexander Goretskiy, Vitaliy Gankovich, Pavel Tsaryov, Andrey Zhurnia, as well as all employees and colleagues who were and are now with us, thanks to whom we have grown and achieved today's results. And of course, lots of thanks to our numerous clients and business partners for their trust and the opportunity to learn and grow. We are happy to see our company as it is now and that it keeps on striving to constant evolvement, and the title of "Reverian" sounds proud," Dmitry Arkhipenko and Helen Mourashko noted.

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