Revera Consulting Group at ICC Lex Mercatoria

Today, on such important for us day, we would like to tell you about the event all law students always look forward to.

On November 29 — December 1, 2014 there was held the III International student competition on international trade law and international commercial arbitration ICC Lex Mercatoria at the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University in Minsk. More than 15 teams from 5 countries took part in it.

Advocates of Revera Consulting Group Ltd devoted their weekend to this event. Thus, Alexander Goretsky, the managing partner of the Advocatory bureau, and Oksana Kotel, an advocate, participated as arbitrators of the competition where teams of plaintiffs and defendants competed in the simulated arbitration proceedings.

Moreover Oksana Kotel, Alexander Goretsky and Anastasia Pavluchenko, an advocate, examined memoranda of the competition participants. Our experts highly appreciate the level of the teams’ training and wish them further professional growth and developement.