Legal diaries of the Festival of Yury Bashmet. Note three. About the Tangible

There was a final concert of the Festival of Yury Bashmet in 2014 yesterday on September 6. And we continue telling you about a role of lawyers in preparation of cultural events. After sponsors have been found, preparation of an organizational and technical base starts, it includes selection of a place to hold concerts, lease of necessary materials and much more. But first things come first.

Everything begins when organizers choose platforms that are perfect to hold the event. They usually consider several platforms in case of force majeure. Then RCG lawyers step forward. They start a procedure for an approval of lease of a place for the event. Much should be taken into consideration starting from lease of dressing rooms and ending with endorsement of requirements for a stage use. This year the festival has taken place in two platforms:  the Belarusian state philharmonic hall and the concert hall “Verhny Gorod” near the city hall.

The next but not always obligatory stage is reaching agreement upon what musicians will play on the stage. At first sight organizers should only invite an orchestra, discuss musical compositions to be played and the deal is done. But there is one thing when you want to play a couple of songs of some famous composer in a private circle of relatives when you are in your sitting room at a piano and has a small pile of scores. And there is a completely other thing when we deal with a whole orchestra. Each musician has its part: no matter whether it is a leader violin or a musical triangle.  It may seem strange but there are companies which own scores for musical compositions and you can lease these scores from them. After the organizers find an owner of necessary scores, lawyers start preparing  a not so typical for everyday practice contract. It specifies everything damn near the way in which scores will be delivered. Scores for a whole orchestra is far from a small case of the A4 format with which many children go to a music school. The issue is about tens and even hundreds of kilos and it is necessary to ensure safety of scores on the stage, as well as to ensure return thereof to the owner.

After the repertoire and the platforms are agreed upon, it’s time to set to advertising issues regarding the coming concerts, as well as to the most principal part — sale of tickets. We will tell you about it in our final chapter very soon.