Svetlana Shevchenko

Taxation Adviser


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Svetlana’s 25-years of experience in taxation fitted her with deep knowledge of nuances, peculiarities and risks of the Belarusian tax laws. Svetlana consults foreign and Belarusian companies in a wide range of taxation issues. 

Svetlana’s domain of competence also comprises tax planning, assessment of tax risks and taxation peculiarities in various spheres of economy.

Svetlana directly participated in the drafting of the Tax Code and other normative legal documents in the taxation sphere, reporting of individuals’ incomes/property and anti-bribery laws.


A leader among mobile games developers in Russia and CIS

Consulting on taxation of incomes from selling property, taxation of incomes from employees and payment of compulsory state insurance employee contributions

A Russian recycling company

Consulting on compliance with taxation and currency exchange legislation and FATCA regulations in the course of securities transactions.

A Belarusian Forex company

Consulting on the taxation of incomes of foreign companies not doing business in the Republic of Belarus via a permanent establishment, and the taxation of incomes from Forex market operations.

A EU company, a leader in producing crop protecting agents

Consulting on risks of doing business in the Republic of Belarus via a permanent establishment.