Contractual bundling in the GameDev sphere

The REVERA team has extensive experience in building contractual relationships in the GameDev industry, in particular with publishers from China, the US, Europe and Russia. 

We have supported more than 50 projects in this area, so we understand the needs of studios and publishers, and we speak the same language as our clients.

Our team will help structure and formalize relationships within the development and commercialization of video games (PC, console, mobile games, etc.). We are ready to build contractual relationships both inside the company (relationships between video game development and commercialization founders, relationships with contractors) and outside the company (relationships with publishers, developers and other partners, end users).

For this purpose, our lawyers will prepare drafts of the necessary agreements regarding video games, including:

  • video game development contracts;
  • license agreements;
  • contracts for the assignment of rights to video games (their elements);
  • contracts with contractors for the development and modification of video game elements (programmers, sound designers, etc.);
  • contracts for publishing video games
  • EULA (End-User License Agreement).

In addition to drafting documents, the REVERA team will advise on the choice of contractual bundling, the mechanics of interaction, possible risks and controversial issues, including amendments to the contract on the part of the counterparties.

The REVERA Company is also ready to consult and modify the draft contracts provided by contractors and partners in accordance with the interests of the client.


Vizor Games

Сurrent legal support to the company, including: creation and protection of intellectual property, releasing video games, advising on national and international taxation, monitoring registration for Hi-Tech Park residency.


Preparing and execution of contracts for a company developing server solutions and mobile games.

Playrix BY

Supporting the creation of a game development centre in Belarus. Supporting Hi-Tech Park accession.

Support in labour, corporate, migration, tax and other business issues of the Belarusian development centre.


Registration of rights to use the image, voice and other features belonging to the character of a famous person in the client's computer game. The main character of the game became Vadim Galygin, a well-known showman in the CIS. His funny character-archeologist, which the actor portrayed on TV, has always been popular with the public.
We prepared an agreement permitting the use of the image of a famous CIS media personality in a computer game, executed a license agreement for the transfer of a number of elements: the idea of the character, the history of the character, graphic images and some video clips.